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Marakoudja, Michèle Richard
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Adapting and delivering in changing times

The Tech Boom. It was 1991 and businesses needed resources to manage the implementation of new tools. I dove right in. In Canada I had no trouble finding work as an independent project manager or as an advisor within a team in place.

As the years went by, my business was still thriving and, as information systems technology evolved, the projects I was asked to manage called for increasingly complex and strategic solutions to ensure my clients’ success.

Over time, my savvy turned into expertise and saw me travel the world as a project manager for major companies such as Ericsson and Swisscom. On to the 21st century and the early phases of converging communication technologies. With new kinds of projects came new management challenges: cultural diversity, information overload, governance, team-based work…


I was in my element! In 2009, I made the decision to settle in Switzerland, where I founded Marakoudja (which means “passion fruit” in Creole).

Since then, these companies trusted me: Phonak Communications, Swisscom, Eurovision, Swisscom Broadcast, Institut Agricole de Grangeneuve, Agroscope (Posieux), HEG Fribourg and HEG Genève, ExpoCentre, CIS, iCube. 

I’m Michèle Richard and I’m at your service for all of your project management needs. Contact me.

Learn to excel in management

For over 30 years, my project management success has been driven by four key values. These values are in my DNA:

  • Pragmatism: Every project involves dealing with opposing forces. Without pragmatism, you don’t get results.

  • ​Passion: For a project to succeed you’ve got to believe in it. I chart the course and forge ahead with my team, whatever the obstacles. We don’t stop strategising until the final result is achieved.

  • ​Transparency: It is essential that my client and I communicate openly and honestly about the project. As I see it, transparency means honesty and integrity. It is crucial to establishing a relationship built on mutual trust. People call on me to manage complex projects because they want to be sure their projects will succeed.

  • ​​Perseverance: Never get discouraged or lose hope.


People call on me because they know that I’ll be able to deliver – whatever the situation, I find solutions.

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