The Kanban method, or how to process one request at a time

Is your organisation sagging under a mountain of requests? Then the Kanban method may be just the thing for you!

How do you react when you need to take a ‘wait-your-turn’ ticket at the post office, the bank or the pharmacy? Personally, I’m a fan of these queuing systems. At the very least, I’m sure I will not be waiting in the wrong line. The approach, which here helps regulate waiting time for customers, is also used in the Kanban method to process service requests in organisations, ranging from invoice approvals, permit applications and information to support requests.

The aim of Kanban watchword is limiting the amount of work in progress. In other words, it works to prevent us from multi-tasking. Organisations that have implemented the Kanban method have quickly obtained measurable benefits:

  • More requests are processed in a shorter time frame

  • Stress levels are reduced in teams

  • Quality of results has improved

  • So has customer satisfaction

How does it work?