Peer guidance – a practical tool for assimilating other people’s ideas

In theory, we all agree that two heads are better than one. Yet in practice, we sometimes struggle to take fully on board the suggestions made by others without becoming all defensive or saying that we’ve already tried out the idea.

Peer guidance is a powerful way of tapping into the knowledge bases of friends and colleagues without having to overcome the barriers that people naturally put up when told what to do.

More than simply a good idea, peer guidance is a practical tool that has already proven its worth in several lines of business.

I learned how to unlock the power of peer guidance thanks to Geneviève Gassmann. Here is her methodology:

Total duration per case: 30 mins.

Participants sit in a circle, around a table if they choose.

5 mins. – One person presents their[MiRi1] case, giving the facts and their impressions.

3 mins. – The others ask questions solely to understand what is going on.