Liberated company – dream or reality?

And what if agile methods were a stepping stone?

For many years I’ve taken a keen interest in project management based on agile methods. These concepts have become so much part of me that they today define how I operate, in both personal and professional capacities.

The question is now, can the system be taken to the next level and used to make in-depth changes to companies themselves?

Those taking an active interest in the subject have inboxes overflowing with news on novel management concepts such as holacracy, liberated companies and smart working. The vocabulary is rich but the goal is the same: entities must re-adapt to new technologies, the next generation and the world as it is today, a world in which change is occurring at a hitherto unseen rate. In this new paradigm, companies no longer need to micro-manage their employees. They – the employees – can simply manage themselves while having the space to create and carry projects on their own shoulders.