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In 2021, I wish you joy!

The joy felt in all these small moments of life, whatever the big issues of the moment.

The past year has been difficult, in a different way, for most of us. For some these were economic difficulties, others were affected in their health, many feared for their loved ones and sometimes lost them.

Some of us have had too much work, sometimes too much. Work often carried out with fear in the stomach, for fear of catching the virus. Those who could be considered the lucky ones in the health crisis have seen their order books fill up. For these, it was inappropriate to show their satisfaction.

This pandemic has affected us all. The whole world has come together for a single fight and vaccines have been developed in record time. Humanity can find solutions when it really wants.

This pandemic has given us time. Time to think about what life and happiness meant. Time that we had often lost by running from one event to the next. A desire to do otherwise began to raise.

On this New Year's Eve, at the sight of the magical setting that awaited me for my morning walk, I made the decision to take advantage of all these reflections on which I had nourished in these times of confinement to start the news year otherwise. I know that sounds a bit cliché. I choose to believe it, however, and view the last year as an investment. It is time to reap the rewards.

Let us open our hearts and minds to renewal. The pandemic is still here, the vaccines give us hope to get out of it in the year, welcome what comes our way and make sure we make the most of it!

Let us know how to recognize the joy in all these small moments, a priori meaningless, which make life worth living!

Let us accept situations over which we have no control and put our energy where we can have influence.

Let us move forward with all these change ideas that we have had.

Be happy !

Happy New Year everyone !

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