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Dare to decide !

You are a leader.

You are expected to make decisions and yet you are paralysed by the weight of that responsibility. Don’t worry, all is not lost! Small decisions are easy to make. But when the stakes are high, the risks aren’t always easy to stomach. Stress builds up, and sometimes you even lose sleep over it.

Good leaders take the time to check in with their team.

Good leaders listen.

Good leaders decide.

Good leaders stand by the decisions they have made.

Good leaders show the way forward.

But when should you take the leap? When should you stop discussing the issue? Where does the boundary lie between charging headfirst into the fray and making a carefully considered decision? How can you be sure you’re making the right decision?

Through personal reflection:

1. Identify the potential impact of this decision on your objective. Describe the best- and the worst-case scenarios.

2. Identify what extra information you might glean by putting off the decision. Imagine that you have the answers: would you be more comfortable deciding then or are you just using this as a delaying tactic?

3. Trust yourself. You are in a position to make decisions. You didn’t get there by chance. This is your decision to make. Follow your instinct. Once you’ve made your decision, remain open minded and flexible in its application.

“You must learn to trust your own experiences, observations and intuitions rather than believe you have to get everything out of books.”

Etty Hillesum.

What about you ? Do you have similar or different experiences? Let me know, I'll be happy to discuss it with you!

Artwork : Mélanie Bénard Tremblay, 2017, © Marakoudja.

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