Are your emails getting ignored? Time to try a different tactic…

Do you do your best to communicate according to the rules but get no reaction? Alex and Mara’s story may inspire you…

Alex burst into Mara’s office. Wound up and angry, he said: “I’ve really had enough this time! I communicate, communicate and communicate some more, but to no avail!”Mara raised her head from the file she was reading: “Maybe if you give me some more details.”Alex sat down and caught his breath.

“You know I systematically send a report on all project meetings to all participants and members of the management committee. You also know that I send weekly and monthly updates to all stakeholders involved in the project.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Well! Can you believe that Karl, from the finance department, dared to say in the cafeteria that he wasn’t up to date on what was happening in the project! What a nerve! If he doesn’t read my emails it’s certainly not my fault!”

“Yes, it’s exasperating. What are you going to do? ”

“How should I know! I’m not going to call him to check if he’s read every email I send. I’m not going to baby him! ”