Hang on in there!

As we embark on our personal or work projects, how about we first test our resilience?

Resilience (figurative): moral strength; the quality of someone who is not discouraged, does not let himself or herself be defeated. (Lélia Maurois).

Successfully bringing a project to fruition depends to a large extent on the energy devoted to it by the project manager. A project, by its very nature, implies change. This could be a personal project, such as a carefully planned holiday, or a business-related project, such as organising a party to celebrate a company’s fifth birthday. Either way, change is in store.

As project manager, expect resistance and be prepared to invest time and energy to overcome this kind of hurdle. If it were all plain sailing, a project manager would not be needed. At the same time, resistance can also be seen in a positive light. If we believe in a particular project, if we are enthusiastic about it, facing hurdles will only heighten our determination. Each time someone says “but”, we should answer, “I agree and at the same time…”, at which point we should lay out our reasons for moving ahead, stating why we believe it to be possible. In the process, we will also heighten our own motivation.

I’m not saying it will always be easy. We all have off-days. At the same time, the levers are within everyone’s reach. If we want to break through into being an effective project manager, we must be able to ‘hang on in there’. Don’t expect every day to be easy. What ha