Functioning as a team

“Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.” - Casey Stengel

Teamwork is essential to project management. But the team setting is the place where personal and collective interests most often clash. Various initiatives have been used to strengthen team spirit, homing in on various key issues. The most helpful comparison is with the world of sports.

Is it possible to function well in a team without a background in team-based sports? There is no causal link. Flourishing in a team setting requires the kind of attitude that says, “What I’m doing here is making a difference”. Perhaps the least sporty among us have turned their back on competitive sports to pursue other interests. But whether you’re part of a reading club, sing in a choir, or direct plays, or sit on a school committee, or perhaps were a scout or girl guide when younger, the dynamic is the always same. We are social beings in essence.