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You don’t believe in a project? Danger ahead!

Help! My boss confides me which does not interest me – or that I don’t even believe in! This is a serious issue.

The success of a project implies that different people all work towards the same direction.

It’s the manager’s task to point towards that direction.

Along the way, some will get tired of working towards the common goal. It’s the manager who gives sense to the demanded efforts.

To succeed implies that the helm is kept to the right bearing even through the storm. It’s the manager who keeps a leveled head and remains hopeful.

Taking responsibility for a project in which one does not believe, that’s a near guaranteed failure.

What to do, one would ask?

Explain why you don’t believe in the goals of the project.

Either you realize that you lacked understanding and given the new information you feel more comfortable with accepting the project. Or, you hold on to your convictions, and you will have saved everyone’s time, and yourself a disappointment.

What about you ? Do you have similar or different experiences? Let me know, I'll be happy to discuss it with you!

Artwork : Mélanie Bénard Tremblay, 2018, © Marakoudja.

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