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I say what I think and get it right in the face

You’re trying to be transparent about your opinions, and that keeps biting you back? Mara’s advice to nuance your communications might help you.

You want to be transparent; this is in your nature and you don’t like political squabbles. You are animated by best intentions, yet, your words can be distorted which lends you intentions that aren’t yours. Does this make you want to throw in the towel and no longer take responsibility? Rest assured! There are solutions!

First good news: you aren’t the only one! How many political newcomers have made the bitter experience. Second good news: you can improve your communications without having to sell your soul!

So, yes to transparency, but with a few rules:

  • Never forget who you are

A CEO who openly expresses doubts risk the destabilisation of his enterprise, even if this question is raised in an informal setting. He simply cannot allow himself to bellow his opinions without thinking. The same rule applies to a father and his children, or to a member of the taskforce in front of a client. Fundamentally every truth must be conveyed, but there is a time and a place.

  • When in doubt, abstain

You lack the data to know how to respond to a situation? Simply say so. Pledge to answer later and then do so after more research. Sometimes, silence is indeed golden.

  • Don’t remain in doubt

You are uncertain if you can indeed defend a project or an opinion even though your position would oblige you to do so? Talk to the persons directly concerned. Openly discuss the situation, your doubts and aim to obtain satisfying answers. Do what you must to regain coherence between the message you must communicate and what you feel.

And never forget that whomever receives the message will interpreter it in his or her own frame of reference, in light of his or her current mood, … This will help you gain a new perspective and help you keep a level head.

What about you ? Do you have similar or different experiences? Let me know, I'll be happy to discuss it with you!

Artwork : Mélanie Bénard Tremblay, 2017, © Marakoudja.

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