In theory, we all agree that two heads are better than one. Yet in practice, we sometimes struggle to take fully on board the suggestions made by others without becoming all defensive or saying that we’ve already tried out the idea.

Peer guidance is a powerful way of tapping into the knowledge bases of friends and colleagues without having to overcome the barriers that people naturally put up when told what to do.

More than simply a good idea, peer guidance is a practical tool that has already proven its worth in several lines of business.

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Yes, but what are they managing?

Last week I ran a workshop on project management with the management team of a company. Together we studied the role of the two agents in the project manager/sponsor tandem.

Everyone agreed that the project vision was the sole preserve of the project sponsor, while the project manager was responsible for seeing it through. This responsibility gives him de facto control of the project budget as well as the leadership of the individuals assigned to carry out the project tasks.

Everything was going well, and conse...


Oui, mais de quoi ?

La semaine passée, j’ai animé un atelier sur la conduite de projet avec le management d’une entreprise. Ensemble, nous avons étudié le rôle de chacun des acteurs du tandem chef de projet – commanditaire.

Tous se sont entendus pour dire que la vision du projet était le propre du commanditaire tandis que le chef de projet se portait garant de sa concrétisation. Cette responsabilité lui donne de facto, le contrôle du budget qui lui est octroyé de même que la direction des individus assignés à la réalisation des tâches du proj...

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