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Marakoudja has four core values that permeate everything we do: pragmatism, passion, transparency and perseverance. In this article I’ll be looking at pragmatism, which is an extremely useful attitude to adopt whenever you find yourself having to manage change.

Each episode of change will bring opposing forces into play. And without pragmatism, nothing can be achieved.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about pragmatism (translated from the French-language article):

“Pragmatism is an American school of philosophy. Accord...

Is your organisation sagging under a mountain of requests? Then the Kanban method may be just the thing for you!

How do you react when you need to take a ‘wait-your-turn’ ticket at the post office, the bank or the pharmacy? Personally, I’m a fan of these queuing systems. At the very least, I’m sure I will not be waiting in the wrong line. The approach, which here helps regulate waiting time for customers, is also used in the Kanban method to process service requests in organisations, ranging from invoice approvals, permit applications and in...

I often refer to Stephen Covey in my classes as well as with friends. I even gave my children a copy of his first successful book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” (1) for Christmas this year. I like the simplicity of this book and the way it is divided into seven habits. Stephen Covey brings together the majority of personal development theories in one guide that is easy to follow and understand.

The first habit he recommends is ‘Be proactive’. Being proactive means being aware of two things.

The first one is that between stimulu...

Do you do your best to communicate according to the rules but get no reaction? Alex and Mara’s story may inspire you… 

Alex burst into Mara’s office.  Wound up and angry, he said: “I’ve really had enough this time! I communicate, communicate and communicate some more, but to no avail!”Mara raised her head from the file she was reading: “Maybe if you give me some more details.”Alex sat down and caught his breath.

“You know I systematically send a report on all project meetings to all participants and members of the management committee.  You a...

When the pressure rises, our instincts tell us to ‘Work harder!’ But what if we’ve got it all wrong? These tips can help you take a more effective approach instead of pointlessly racking up the hours.

Let’s imagine we’re just a few weeks away from a critical deadline. Management is getting anxious.  As a project manager, you tell them that your team is going to have to work 20 hours a day to finish everything on time. 

4pm: We need to get a version of the client’s software up and running by tomorrow morning. 

5pm: Last minute fi...

How can you avoid deluging your co-workers with messages and use the right communication tool wisely?  Mara has a few tips for you.

“Morning Julien, how are you?”

“Morning Mara. I’m fine, but a bit annoyed!”

“What could be wrong so early in the morning?”

“Well that’s just it – you’re a real bundle of energy this morning! I’ve received dozens of emails, Skype messages, Spark messages and text messages and all before 8am! On Monday!”

My colleague’s outburst got me thinking.

Not so long ago, emails were our pet hate and we each h...

Hearing a lot of grumbling when you try to implement changes? Disappointed by the lack of recognition for your efforts? Don’t lose hope.Use these tips to better take stock of the situation and ease the transition.

You know that a lobster’s shell is hard. When it has finally outgrown it, it has to hide from predators while growing a new one. And at what point does a lobster decide to go through all this trouble? Only when its shell is so uncomfortable it can’t stand it anymore!

With people, it’s the same thing, only more complicated.  Even whe...


In theory, we all agree that two heads are better than one. Yet in practice, we sometimes struggle to take fully on board the suggestions made by others without becoming all defensive or saying that we’ve already tried out the idea.

Peer guidance is a powerful way of tapping into the knowledge bases of friends and colleagues without having to overcome the barriers that people naturally put up when told what to do.

More than simply a good idea, peer guidance is a practical tool that has already proven its worth in several lines of business.

I l...

Your higher-ups are constantly asking your team for progress reports and it’s just slowing everybody down. What can you do ? See what Mara and Hugo have to say.

Mara runs into Hugo at the water cooler. He looks discouraged. 

- What’s the matter Hugo? You look upset this morning.

- I am, Mara. I don’t know how to handle the situation with management. I’ve got an amazing team who is working like crazy to meet         deadlines. But they’re constantly being interrupted by worried managers who want to know where things stand. I’ve asked the...


Who hasn’t heard a colleague complain about having too many meetings or wasting time attending a conference that is pretty, or even completely, pointless​.​

What if it was just a question of positioning, organisation and respect?

Firstly, positioning.  Why is a meeting necessary? What is the point? If ten people show up but the topic only concerns one of them, then you can be sure that only one attendee will find the meeting useful. An example would be those meetings where each sales manager gives an overview of their own sales and the dire...

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